Ann Smith Healthy Eating Workshops
The idea of running food workshops and cookery classes are: -
  • Healthy eating is very important for our diet
  • By taking part in cookery classes and food workshops, students can not only learn about fruit and vegetables but, also how to use them to compliment their use with proteins, fats and carbohydrates. These are an important part of our daily diet.
  • Food is very important for the growth and maintenance of a healthily body.
  • We should take into consideration our likes and dislikes when buying, preparing and cooking food. This will save money and cut down on wastage.
  • We should also try and use seasonal and local ingredients to keep costs down and the less travelling fruit and vegetables have, gives a more healthier product. *This also helps global and local economy ,
  • Healthy eating is good for us and it is also fun.
  • We also gain life skills.
Each student’s needs are taken into consideration when working out class and recipe plans.

Special dietary needs are also considered and taught- religious, cultural, special diets, gluten free, diabetes, likes and dislikes.
Learn that healthy food tastes good.
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