Ann Smith Healthy Eating Workshops

During the “Healthy Eating  Workshops” that I have been giving for children in schools and local communities, I have observed that the children gained a good knowledge of food and enjoyed themselves, being able to produce good healthy, freshly made food

I have come to the conclusion that the following information should be considered in helping cookery classes be taught in all our schools again

  • The children became very knowledgeable about healthy eating, different kinds of food, where it came from and what food does to their bodies when eating a good healthy diet.
  • Gave them a basic knowledge of a nutritious diet and which foods are good for certain parts of the body to stay healthy.
  • The children were not afraid to try different and new foods.
  • They discovered that home-made is best and that food does not take a long time to prepare and cook.
  • Cooking uses their senses of sight, touch, taste and smell.
  • The children can “ show off”, by producing something that everyone needs and they are proud of their products.
  • The lessons taught how to prepare, cook and store food safely.
  • The classes give good kitchen skills and teach food hygiene, which makes the children more aware of safety in the kitchen and in general life.
  • Cooking at home contributes to home life and gives confidence and independence.
  • It gives carers and family time out of the kitchen if children can cook.
  • The children have fun working independently and as a team, getting to know about food from  different parts of the world, which helps them learn about global cultures and geography.
  • Lessons  help them learn about seasonal food and how this can help with global and economic issues.
  • Cooking can expand their vocabulary and create imagination whilst giving them life skills.
  • Cooking can help with maths,- weighing and measuring.
  • Cooking  helps them to be able to follow and understand instructions.
  • Cooking is fun and very enjoyable.
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