Ann Smith Healthy Eating Workshops

Students in the adult classes have their own reasons to being in the class :
- They may be on their own and want to learn to cook for themselves
- They may have lost a partner and want to start cooking for themselves beside making friends.
- They may never have been taught cooking at school
- They may have joined the class to find out about new ideas and recipes
- They may want to learn about seasonal food and cooking on a budget.

All of these reasons can be considered and helped with in the class. Students soon learn confidence, have fun and take home, good food.

Classes for students with special needs are also part of my classes.
Special needs students

Working with students who have physical or mental disabilities has been great fun and the following are the conclusions of the many courses that we have completed.

  • There is a lot of fun and laughter in the cooking classes, the students made good friends and were always concerned when a fellow student was absent.
  • They work well together
  • They enjoyed their independence
  • Every student learnt new recipes and took home their finished product.
  • They learnt a good understanding of healthy food and good practice preparing and cooking food
  • They learnt new skills and how to work safely in the kitchen.
  • They gained confidence
  • The students worked well in a safe environment
  • The students were able to use “talking thermometer”, necessary for reheating food
  • The change in a student at the end of each course was remarkable and very good to see.
  • Working with students who have different needs is very rewarding
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